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"My partner and I learned of Camino de Agua (Jesse Torre and Carlos Caminos) whilst dining at a Spanish restaurant in San Francisco. Their music was incredible. We enjoyed their performance so much that we hired them to perform at a private party we hosted recently. We were delighted with their work! Both men are accomplished musicians and talented guitarists. The energy shared between them is great. The music helped to create a warm, inviting and lively evening -- our guests did not want to leave! No doubt we will hire them again, and highly recommend you check them out if you need high quality live music for an event you are hosting." - Greg N.

"I've been doing lessons with Jesse for two years! I started as an early beginner and I'm really amazed at how far I've come, and I credit that to Jesse! The lessons with Jesse are a perfect mix of all the most helpful things- he gives really effective and pointed, relevant teaching about position, movement and technique. He shares tips and tricks on how to warm up, improve tone, and ways to learn tricky new things. He shares ideas that open up whole new ways to think about how I'm playing a piece. He is also really encouraging. He’s helped me find scores for music I want to play and recommends pieces for me. Shows me very cool flamenco stuff. Also very importantly he is a cool dude and really fun to hang around with! We talk about kids he teaches, and I can tell that he’s great with kids. I’m so happy I found Jesse, I wouldn’t be where I am with guitar otherwise!" - Sarit S.

"I met Jesse several years ago at a flamenco show in San Francisco and was so blown away! I began taking flamenco guitar lessons with him shortly after and it has been a wonderful experience. He’s kind, personable and a joy to work with. When approaching new or difficult concepts, Jesse is patient, supportive and thoughtful with his teaching. And best of all, I feel like I’m improving, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at as a player without him!" - Madeline B.

"I had the pleasure of having Jesse perform for a private party along with several flamenco dancers and it was a highlight of the event. The performance was so much fun and I recommend him for anyone who's looking to have live flamenco!" - Maya F.

"Jesse is a very patient and encouraging teacher for kids and his skills in flamenco is outstanding! I would recommend him any day. He leaves notes and makes small videos to practice which is super helpful." - Nirav P.

"I’ve been taking weekly flamenco guitar lessons from Jesse since summer of 2021. My flamenco dance teacher Yaelisa recommended Jesse to me. She told me he was one of Jason McGuire’s very best students and I can see why. I've played and studied classical guitar for 50+ years. However, I just read the notes and played them, which I've learned is merely "painting by numbers". Through Jesse I have learned soleá, bulerías, tangos, alegrías, rumba, sevillanas and tarantas as well as flamenco technique. Jesse has been patiently encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and to try some improvisation. He’s also been teaching me music theory which provides a framework for improvising. He’s very kind, conscientious, professional and inspiring. His lessons are reasonably priced considering his caliber of playing and experience. I live in Walnut Creek and his Lake Merritt studio location is also a very easy drive." - Rebecca F.

"Jesse is an amazing teacher! I’m a self taught player and decided to give lessons with Jesse a try and I’ve learned so much in just the past few months. He also showed me some ukulele, super happy with his lessons." - Lily Z.

"Jesse has been teaching my now 12 year old son weekly for 2 years now. He is great with kids—funny and engaging—and keeps guitar enjoyable. My son goes through phases where he practices and is into guitar and phases when he is not, but Jesse is patient and keeps at it. He is also very positive and encouraging, yet he knows when to push kids just a little. I took years of instrumental lessons that I did not appreciate as a kid, but I am so grateful now that I did because knowing the language of music (as knowing any language) opens up another opportunity for expression and communication. I think Jesse is giving our son that same gift in a much more digestible and enjoyable manner for a child. I think we are so lucky to have found him!" - Shikha G.

"Jesse has been an awesome instructor/coach for my 7th grader. They have worked together for several years and my son has developed tremendously as a musician under Jesse. Jesse helped my son to prep for auditions and land a spot on the school jazz band, as well as he works with him to learn all of his guitar songs that my son plays at our church. He meets his students where they are and works hard to help them elevate their own talents through clear instruction in 1:1 sessions weekly. Aaaaannnd you can always ask for extra time and Jesse will work out arrangements to find more time for your student leading up to important performances. Jesse even invited students/families to his own performances to demonstrate/model where the students can go." - Shimona M.

"Still looking for a musical artist for your event? Jesse is your guitarist extraordinaire! Although he is classically trained, he specializes in flamenco and Latin- inspired music; though, there is no doubt in my mind he can play tunes from any genre. I've seen him play in various venues (private event; live theater; club), and he definitely brings his A game each time. He is a charismatic performer- a reflection of his dedication and commitment to his craft. He is truly one of the rising stars of the Bay Area flamenco scene." - Joy C.

"If I had a modicum of musical talent, or a kid that showed a hint of promise, we would head to Jesse for guitar lessons! Unfortunately, I have neither, so we booked his amazing band, Camino de Agua, for a house party instead. These guys are awesome, on both a human and musical level. Having them play brought energy to our get together and got people up and moving! Highly recommended!" - Asher S.

"Jesse is a superb and creative instructor, who took my child from complete beginner status to enrolling in a performing arts middle school.
He continues to instruct my son, constantly coming up with inventive ways to both reinforce and supplement his school curriculum. 
Though Jesse’s expertise and passion is in Flamenco, his classical background and command of theory, combined with his joyful disposition and obvious love for his work, make him an excellent instructor. We enthusiastically recommend him to players at all levels!" - Jeffrey N.

For bookings, lessons or any inquiries, please contact: 200 6474

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